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Northern Mist Longbows

Traditional Design-Uncommon Performance

All Bows

Straight Limb Bows

The Northern Mist Classic

The Classic Longbow is a traditional American-Style straight Limb longbow with just a touch of reflex. This longbow is smooth and forgiving. Classic Page

Available in 66" to 69" lengths

The Northern Mist Shelton

The Shelton is an American-style longbow, built with a touch of string-follow. It offers the same great performance as the Classic, with little, or no hand shock. Because of the string-follow design, this longbow is extremely forgiving. Shelton Page

Available in 66" to 69" lengths

The Northern Mist Whisper

The Whisper is a reverse-handle longbow with the same limb design as the Classic Longbow. The reverse handle offers a rounded grip, which is very comfortable, and is less susceptible to torque. It is an extremely forgiving, and quiet design, that allows an individual to shoot a shorter bow. Whisper Page

Available in 62" to 69" lengths

Reflex/Deflex Bows

The Northern Mist Superior

The Superior Longbow is a modern reflex/deflex design. This is a smooth-shooting bow with no hand shock. Superior Page

Available in 64" to 68" lengths

The Northern Mist Baraga

The Baraga longbow is the same basic design as the Superior, only with a bit more reflex and deflex. The Baraga is also built for Fast-Flight strings. Baraga Page

Available in 60" to 64" lengths

Takedown Bows

The Northern Mist Witbeck

The Witbeck is a takedown longbow with the same limb design as the Baraga, only in a versatile three-piece design. Extra limbs are also available. Witbeck Page

Available in 60" to 66" lengths